Unresolved Resolutions!!!

For everyone who is a victim of unsuccessful New Year Resolutions!!!!!!!

Arrgh …its 19 days into January already …

Ive already failed my resolution to give up smoking…

Sheesh..had to conquer the world come January !!!

Sounds familiar??

How many of us have resolved ,”Come January 2nd(January 1st is for the party hangover to set in) and I will turn over a new leaf. How many times does the resolution actually get implemented??

Ever wonder why??

Let us look at the reasons behind  this unresolved mystery called New Years blues:

1. From January 2nd  onwards  everybody needs to go back to work:Yes,those droopy eyes speak a lot for themselves.Its basic logic dude! If you are out partying till January 1st and care to go back to your homes only on that depressing evening just a few hours before ‘back to work day’,how the hell do you plan out the execution of your New Years Resolution??

2. After spending (splurging rather) all your annual savings on partying hard the month before; those last few  pounds in your pocket offer little inspiration.Now this doesnt include the privileged class.

Boy those guys call their own shots! ( Plus do you really think they need a resolution.They probably hire people to take care of their New Year Resolution for them.)

3. January is the time of the year when most of the Restaurants,Clubs ,Supermarkets etc offer huge discounts on buffets,alcohol,candies etc exclusively for January as a heartfelt gesture to welcome the New Year(Or rather because they know that is the only way Year end -Cash deprived masses will keep their business running).

So how do we actually get into action.What is the way around this vicious circle that keeps us from becoming another Margaret Thatcher or another Mark Zuckerberg(Thats what people claim!!! ).

1.Stop keeping expectations too high: You may be 20 days too late into the month but you’re there all the same.You’re still alive and youre not going to die tomorrow.(Well I hope so!).Enjoy the moment and start when you know you are ready.

2.Go at your own pace: Accept that even small efforts go a long way.If you are a person who knows your own capability you’re already halfway through.If you believe in your capability enough to chart out a New Year Resolution around it, you are certainly capable of executing it as well.Just give yourself time.You will surely come around.

3.Take time to plan it: Chart it out.Make a time table and stick to it.Paste it next to your bedside and look at it last thing in the night and first thing in the morning.I have heard somewhere of the golden number 21.

If you can stick to a plan for 21 days ,it becomes a part of you.

I believe that by following these simple and logical ways of executing a plan, I may be on my way to personal victory.I speak of personal victory because my victory concerns only me.Rest of the world doesnt really care.(Except a few if you’re lucky)

So lets all resolve to stick to our plans and go at our own pace because as someone very wise has once said,”No two men are the same”.

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